We're looking forward to a holiday season filled with 24/7 comfort and cheer. Carrier delays and inventory shortages have made shopping for your favorite shoes (and most other things too!) a challenge in 2021, and we can all expect that holiday shopping will present even more difficulties.


However, we're here to help you navigate this year's holiday shopping like the pro you are.

Shop Early.


  Countrywide shortages of inventory and labor mean fewer options than you’ve had in past years. If you see something you like in the size you need, grab it now! It likely won’t stay in your cart—or on our site—for very long.


Ship Smart.


 We project that if you order by midnight on Sunday, December 12, with free shipping, your order will arrive before December 24. Due to factors out of our control, we can’t guarantee it will arrive on time. So if you want that shoebox wrapped and ready on time, place your order now.

This holiday season, we’re more grateful for you than ever. Like so many

retail businesses, we’re facing unprecedented challenges as we try to

bring you shoes with 24/7 comfort and style that fit your life. Our teams

are working tirelessly to get your items back in stock and on your

doorstep as quickly as possible. 



We thank you for sticking with us!