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Influencer Cecily Bauchmann on Mom Life, Her Style, and the Claire Slingback Flat


influencer cecily bauchmann

As a mom of four with incredible personal style, influencer @cecilybauchmann is our go-to for tips on everything from fashion to family life and more. We chatted with her about her life as a mom and content creator, how she balances it all, and her fave spring shoe, the Claire slingback flat!


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What made you want to become a digital creator and share your routines, recipes, and impeccable style?


I’ve always had a creative side of wanting to share my life, and also, being a consumer of content, I gained joy from reading and watching people share tips and advice. I saw the power of how you could impact one person’s life just through sharing a personal experience and your unique perspective, and, after having my second baby, I wanted to start sharing fashion.

What's the most challenging thing about balancing the beautiful chaos of life?


Staying present! I’m always thinking of the next video I get to make and my dreams and ambitions.


What are your three must-have items as a busy mom on the go?


Lip gloss, my phone, and baby wipes because even though I don’t have kids in diapers anymore, there is always a sticky hand or face that needs to be cleaned.

What are your favorite things to do just for yourself?


Exercising, sitting outside and reflecting, and spending time with someone I love.


How would you describe your personal style?


I have a mix of boho, feminine, glam! I love feminine colors & also mixing in fun textures to make my outfit look interesting. I never want to look boring!

What do you look for in a shoe as mom of four?


Something that I can easily walk and move around in.


What trends are you loving 
this spring?


I love chunky sandals, metallic ballet flats, and funky colored tennies!

What made you choose to style 
the Claire slingback flat?


I absolutely love the shape of the Claire slingback and the metallic makes every outfit interesting!


What are your favorite ways 
to style the Claire?


I love that the Claire can be worn just about anywhere! I wear them the most with my favorite jeans, but I also love them with a cute pair of sweatpants that you can dress up!

What do you love about LifeStride shoes?


They are sooooo comfortable but also versatile and cute! I am constantly moving around as a mom and creator and want shoes I can style multiple ways and feel comfortable. These are the pairs I grab the most often for my outfits!


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